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Admissions Strategy

Gain insight into effective admissions strategies with our experienced team, comprised of former admissions officers. We'll work with you to create a compelling and differentiated profile to stand out to top colleges.

Curriculum Planning

Navigate the maze of course selections and co-curricular activities with our guidance. We help students make informed decisions about their academic path and extracurricular pursuits to align with their college goals.

Test Prep

Prepare for college entrance exams with our specialized test prep programs. Our expert instructors provide targeted support to enhance students' test-taking skills and maximize their scores.

Personalized Counseling

Discover the benefits of personalized counseling to identify your strengths, interests, and goals. Our advisors offer individualized support to help students explore their passions and make informed college-related decisions.

Individual Branding

The best colleges aren’t just looking for students with 4.0 GPAs and high test scores. After all, just about every person applying to an IVY league university boasts these qualifications. If you truly want to leave a remarkable imprint on university selection committees, it is crucial to present a dynamic student brand. A brand adds personality to your academic profile which allows colleges to recognize outside achievements and potential for their institution. Your student brand will help convey who you are as an individual, in a way that grades can’t.
We provide:
• Personal brand development based on student’s interests and achievement
• Strategic planning of activities that cultivating leadership, compassion, commitment & interpersonal growth
• Identification of 5 high impact activities to strengthen student brand
• Educational networks and resources sharing to further academic distinction
• Activity planning such as internship, competitions, college programs, and summer opportunities
• Guidance towards meaningful volunteer opportunities
• Scientific and social research recommendations
• Capstone Project recommendations

Fan Cheering

College Application Forms

During the admissions process, students will be exposed to various application platforms, including but not limited to:
• Common App
• Coalition App
• UC Application Portal
• Texas Application Portal
• Individual College Application Portals

Each platform has different characteristics and varying requirements. Our services can include step-by-step guidance in:

• Residency related inquiries
• Detailing internal and external course accounts for junior and senior high schools, such as students who have transferred to schools, selected courses outside the school, completed courses during junior year in high school, and those who have taken summer courses at universities
• Test score submissions
• College-specific inquiries regarding scholarships, dormitories, first majors, and
alternative majors
• Additional information that you can convey your special circumstances
• Other sections that you can provide additional information
• Answers to specific questions about each school's campus, scholarships, dormitories,first majors, alternative majors, etc.This service includes guiding students to fill in various application platforms, answering questions, and reviewing and checking the accuracy of students’ filling in.

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