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ANC COLLEGE PLANNING the education sector affiliated under ANC ESCO, focuses on providing targeted and comprehensive academic and college planning services for both native and international students.

Young Women with Backpacks


ANC ESCO was founded in 2008, located in Seattle, Washington, USA. ANC is a bridge that connects people from each country through “real life” shared experiences. ANC's goal is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, facilitate sharing high-quality educational resources and cultural values, develop understanding of cultural differences, enhance communication skills, and create opportunities for long-lasting relationships.

The early days of ANC ESCO consisted mainly of cultural, educational, and sports exchange activities. From 2009 to 2012, ANC successively cooperated with "American Gymnastics Foundation", "China Beijing Professional Gymnastics", "China Shichahai Sports School", "USA Faith Private School", and other institutions for a number of exchange activities. 

Amongst these, sports exchange activities have attracted the attention of many, and have received full support from the U.S. Embassy in China. This event invited young American gymnasts to China to communicate and train with Chinese Olympic athletes. 

In 2012, ANC ESCO launched the Study Oversea Program, cooperating with over 400 top private middle and high schools, 200 find high schools and community colleges in Washington State, all signing cooperation agreements to build bridges for international students.

  • Simultaneously, ANC ESCO has hosted exchange activities annually, cultivating comprehensive qualities and allowing students to find themselves, their talents, and their confidence. ANC ESCO has also established “Study Abroad Host Family Service” committed to helping international students smoothly pass through the difficult stages of moving to a foreign country.

  • Enhancing the core competitiveness of students, ANC ESCO has established the "Talents” Program" that brings out students' comprehensive quality. ANC has a dedicated Student Athlete and Art program composed of senior experts, including National Team Coaches, well-known artists, professors from prestigious universities, etc. With strong support, students strive to bring out their outstanding strengths. 

  • The original intention of ANCVAN was to create more opportunities for international students. In 2018, ANC ESCO was officially authorized by the U.S. government as a “Presidential Volunteer Award” awarding organization. ANCVAN is committed to encouraging the younger generation to actively serve their community creating a unique, learning and living environment. 

  • In 2018 the first tennis team of ANC ESCO, created an original training method that combines comprehensive physical fitness with specialized tennis training. In only 2 years, ANC Tennis has developed into a tennis academy with nearly 1000 students. Training is deemed fit for all populations. 

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