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College Planning with ANC 

Empowering Students for College Success

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ANC COLLEGE PLANNING the education sector affiliated under ANC ESCO, a national 501c3 nonprofit orgniazation, focuses on providing targeted and comprehensive academic and college planning services for both native and international students.


By gaining insight into students’ strengths, interests, goals and evaluating how they interact with the world around them, we help students develop search criteria to make informed college planning decisions. We provide:• Categorical assessment of academic, personality, and career interests• Initial and ongoing evaluation of educational & personal histories, school records, andtesting results• Progressive analysis of student’s interests, strengths, skills, and extracurricular goals• Assess and develop college Reach, Target, and Safe schools

Academic Profile

Each student has a unique academic profile. It is a combination of grades and test scores along with an assessment of the rigor of the coursework the student chose to take over the course of high school. It isn't an exact number, but it does provide a general overview of the student from an academic standpoint.

We provide:
• Initial academic scope--ongoing review and update
• High school coursework proposals
• College course recommendations
• Standardized testing To-do lists, strategy, and timeline
• Tutoring services research and recommendations if needed
• Study skills recommendation if needed
• Ongoing tracking of academic progress
• Cultivation of relationships for exceptional recommendation letters

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