Volunteer Activities Network

Are you a people person



People who like activities that help others, focus on learning and personal development tend to like jobs in the Social interest area.  People in this interest prefer to talk and listen with people rather than to with things, machines or data. They enjoy teaching, giving advice, helping and being of service to others


Do you love the arts




People who like activities that deal with the artistic side of things, including music, theatre, forms, designs and patterns tend to fall in the Artistic area.  People in this interest group like to express themselves at work and prefer being able to function without having to follow a strict set of rules.



Are you a problem solver


People who like activities that allow them to work with ideas and require thinking through details often have Investigative interests.  They like using their mind to finding facts and figuring out problems rather than engaging in physical activity. 


有社交兴趣的人喜欢帮助他人并促进学习和个人的工作活动 发展。他们更喜欢与项目,机器或数据进行交流。他们喜欢指导,提供建议,帮助或以其他方式为人们提供服务。




Do you prefer hands-on work


People who like activities that include real-world, hands-on problem solving tend to fall in the Realistic interest area.  They like working with plants, animals and real-world materials, like wood, tools, and machinery. They would rather work outside than be in an office doing paperwork or working with people every day. 

有现实兴趣的人喜欢包括实际操作在内的工作活动去解决问题。他们喜欢与植物,动物和现实世界打交道 材料,如木材,工具和机械。他们 享受外面的工作。通常情况下,具有现实利益的人不喜欢主要涉及行为的职业 文书工作或与他人密切合作


Are you a detail-oriented person


People who like activities that follow set procedures and routines, prefer working with details and data and value precise standards share interests in Conventional careers.  They like having clear lines of authority and prefer having a supervisor judge their work rather than having to make those judgements themselves

具有常规兴趣的人喜欢按照既定程序和惯例进行的工作活动。他们更喜欢 与数据和细节相比,处理更多的是想法。他们喜欢有精确标准的工作 而不是你必须自己判断事情的工作。这些人喜欢在线上工作 的权威是明确的。


Do you want to start a business



People who like activities work activities that have to do with starting up and carrying out projects, especially business ventures share the Enterprising interest. They like making decisions, persuading and influencing people.  They are action-oriented people who are ok taking risks especially for profit.


有创业兴趣的人喜欢与创业和实施有关的工作活动 项目,特别是商业企业。他们喜欢说服和领导人并做出决定。 他们喜欢冒险赢利。这些人更喜欢行动而不是思想。