Youth Tennis

Level 1-4

Through tennis training and various activities, improving hitting skills and court positioning, as well as introducing tennis knowledge. This course comprehensively improves the consistency of players. Players will begin to develop their serves and net play, and begin experiencing match play, tactical and strategic methods. The course content includes high-level forehand and backhand shots, volley skills, receiving and serving in the correct court area, professional tennis physical fitness courses, etc.

Tennis Match

Competitive Team

Level 5-7

Our Competitive program is modeled after the national standards set by the USTA. Participants are required to be dedicated to year-round competitive tennis, including participating in tournaments n a regular basis. Students are typically ranked in their age division in the Pacific Northwest and/or participating in High School tennis at the very highest levels.


Tennis Summer Camp

A course suitable for junior tennis players to understand the basic principles of tennis through basic skills training and game activities. The course content includes player gripping styles, forehand and backhand shots, basic volleys and servings, development of hand-eye coordination, and court positioning.


Adult Tennis

Personalized training is arranged according to the characteristics of students to improve students' skills. The training content includes tennis training, coordination training and physical fitness training, correcting the existing skills of the students, correcting the bad habits and skills of the players, and training on the basics of tennis and athletes' skills. In the technical and tactical training part, learn etiquette and tennis scoring terms, students will master perfect basic tennis skills, the best shot selection and strategy under the basic rules, regular round-robin tournaments and mini tournaments, etc.

Tennis Player

High School Tennis

Suitable for tennis students above the intermediate level. This course requires players to have comprehensive experience in tennis and a good understanding of the game. Players will focus on preparing and participating in high school team games and USTA points tournaments. Our elite youth group plan is based on the national standards set by the US USTA. Participants must be committed to competitive tennis throughout the year, including regular participation in tournaments. Students usually rank in the Pacific Northwest age group and/or participate in high-level high school tennis competitions.