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Erika I.

Coach Erika began her tennis career at the age of 6, attending USTA tournaments at the age of 9. She has competed in high-level competitions throughout the United States and has won the Washington State 4A singles championships in her second year of high school. She has been trained by professional coaches, such as Jose Higueras and Brad Stine. Coach Erika has been chosen to represent the Pacific Northwest in Zonals (an sports event where USA competes with other countries) for 5 consecutive years. 


Joshua S.

Coach Josh, Head Coach for ANC Tennis, USPTA certified, CPR Certified. Coach Josh started playing tennis at the age of 11 and became the tennis captain of his school tennis team during High School. Coach Josh has participated and won Washington State Tennis State Championships, earned the NPSL Doubles Player of the year, and more. Coach Josh has a unique coaching style for students with special needs such as ADD or ADHD, and he is highly respected by parents and athletes. He has coached at Kent Commons, Boeing Employees Tennis Club, and University of Washington Tennis Training Camp. 


Mark N.

Coach Mark began playing tennis in eighth grade and has competed in various district tournaments throughout his tennis career. Coach Mark expresses a love for tennis as he finds learning and practicing skills and techniques exciting. Coach Mark strives to share his passion and promote the understanding of tennis to other players by sharing is knowledge and experiences of tennis through coaching students of various levels.

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Kenny N.

Coach Kenny has been coaching tennis for seven years and has experience in coaching high school tennis and as a university team captain. Coach Kenny has lead his school team members to achieve many honorable and high achieving results. During university, he served as an assistant coach for the varsity team. Coach Kenny is patient, and puts a strong focus on details.


Phat T.

Coach Phat has been a member of the Varsity high school team for 3 consecutive years, winning many matches and tournaments. Coach Phat is rich is tennis coaching experience, and his training method is rigorous and active. Coach Phat has an unique coaching method for students with special needs, and he is found extremely popular among junior students. He considers promoting tennis to young people as prideful and meaningful.


Sam B.

Coach Sam started tennis at age 8.  Played many junior tournaments at the advanced level from age 11 to 18. Specialized in doubles during my 4 years at Lindbergh High School. Earned 2nd in 2011, 1st in 2012, 3rd in 2013, and 4th in 2014 at State level for 2A high school. Joined the Bellevue College Men's tennis team for one year in 2015. 


Tate F.

Coach Tate is a member of the nationally ranked NCAA Division 3 collegiate team, he has played tennis his whole life and have hon the WIAA 3A district, state championships, dozens of local and several national tournaments in singles and doubles. Coach Tate is ranked in the top 10 USTA PNW ranking throughout his career and is continually ranked in the top 150 in his age group. Coach Tate has been coaching for six years and is adept at teaching technique and strategy for all levels and can easily adjust based on the demands and levels of the athlete.


Natalie F.

Coach Natalie is a NCAA Division 1 tennis player. She started playing tennis at the age of 10 and won numerous PNW tournaments and have competed at national tournaments against other high level tennis players in the country. This year, Coach Natalie won the metro and districts tournament, and continued to win state championships for district 3A. Coach Natalie pays attention to detail and is skilled at mock matches with middle to advanced athletes to quickly improve the athlete's technique and strategy.

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Bill T.

Coach Bill began playing tennis in 7th grade, his passion truly grew for tennis when he entered high school. With strong dedication to tennis, he became a top varsity player in just two years and received the most improved award from his team. As number 1 doubles, Coach Bill competed well in his league tournament and was nominated as one of the strongest teams and competed in districts. Despite his achievements, he felt that these were not enough. Coach Bill strives to help people around him improve in the sport as well. Coach Bill is experienced in child interactions and is extremely passionate and skilled in coaching tennis.


Haley D.

Coach Haley D started playing tennis at the age of 7 and became the captain of her tennis team in high school. She has coached for over five years and has won multiple state championships, such as first place in doubles, and the Girls North Puget Sound League. Coach Haley D is rich with experience in junior tennis. Coach Haley D loves coaching tennis and says: “it is a way for me to use what I’ve learned over the years and hopefully help others become as passionate about tennis as I am. I really enjoy helping others improve in the sport of tennis, regardless of age or skill level.”

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Jere B.

Coach Jere started playing tennis when he was six years old, and has been playing for almost 20 years, with 12 years of competitive experience in Juniors. He has competed in the Philippine Tennis Association, State championships, Nationals, and more. Coach Jere excels best in small group and 1 on 1 coaching, and is able to work well with players of all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced. Due to Coach Jere’s many years of experience in tournament playing, he emphasizes the aspect of an athlete’s competitive spirit, including their mental and physical strength. Overall, Coach Jere puts a focus on a student’s overall player growth, including behavioral, technical and tactical development.

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Taylor J.

Coach Taylor J started playing tennis at the age of 6. He was a member of his high school tennis Varsity Team and has won the Washington State Championships. Coach Taylor J previously coached at Boeing Employees Tennis club, he is known to be a professional, dedicated coach with highly advanced coaching skills. For over six years, Coach Taylor J has been coaching a variety of levels, ranging from adult to children’s tennis. He has also competed in numerous regional and USTA Junior Championships. 

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Towner A.

Coach Towner has 7 years of tennis coaching experience, high school and university team captain, leading the school team members to get good results many times. During the university, he served as an assistant teacher for the varsity team many times. Coach Towner is focused on detail and filled with patience.

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