Joshua S.

Coach Josh, Head Coach for ANC Tennis, USPTA certified, CPR Certified. Coach Josh started playing tennis at the age of 11 and became the tennis captain of his school tennis team during High School. Coach Josh has participated and won Washington State Tennis State Championships, earned the NPSL Doubles Player of the year, and more. Coach Josh has a unique coaching style for students with special needs such as ADD or ADHD, and he is highly respected by parents and athletes. He has coached at Kent Commons, Boeing Employees Tennis Club, and University of Washington Tennis Training Camp. 


Erika I.

Coach Erika began her tennis career at the age of 6, attending USTA tournaments at the age of 9. She has competed in high-level competitions throughout the United States and has won the Washington State 4A singles championships in her second year of high school. She has been trained by professional coaches, such as Jose Higueras and Brad Stine. Coach Erika has been chosen to represent the Pacific Northwest in Zonals (an sports event where USA competes with other countries) for 5 consecutive years. 


Mark N.

Coach Mark began playing Tennis in eighth grade, and has competed in district tournaments, winning high honors. He expresses a love for tennis as he finds learning the skills and technique of the sport exciting. He wants to promote understanding and passion of tennis to other players as he shares his knowledge of tennis through coaching. 


Francis V.

Coach Francis began playing tennis at the age of 5, and competed in USTA youth tournaments at the age of 8, winning many championships. Coach Francis was admitted to the University of Washington as a “Tennis Sport Student Athlete” with his outstanding performances. Currently, Coach Francis is a member of NCAA Division Two and an assistant coach of the US. University of Washington Women’s Tennis Team. He has trained and participated in various high level competitions throughout the United States, qualifying for the United States National Team single play twice, and is a member of the United States National Reserve Team.


Phat T.

Coach Phat has been a member of the Varsity high school team for 3 consecutive years, winning many matches and tournaments. Coach Phat is rich is tennis coaching experience, and his training method is rigorous and active. Coach Phat has an unique coaching method for students with special needs, and he is found extremely popular among junior students. He considers promoting tennis to young people as prideful and meaningful.


Sam B.

Coach Sam started tennis at age 8.  Played many junior tournaments at the advanced level from age 11 to 18. Specialized in doubles during my 4 years at Lindbergh High School. Earned 2nd in 2011, 1st in 2012, 3rd in 2013, and 4th in 2014 at State level for 2A high school. Joined the Bellevue College Men's tennis team for one year in 2015. 


Nick N.

Coach Nick is captain of the the University of Washington school tennis team, he is ranked 8th in the US State Championship in doubles play, and has had more than 5 years of coaching experience. 


Kenny N.

Coach Kenny has 7 years of tennis coaching experience, high school and university team captain, leading the school team members to get good results many times. During the university, he served as an assistant teacher for the varsity team many times. Coach Kenny is focused on detail and filled with patience.

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Alex N.

Coach Alex has been coaching from a range of Kids to Adults for 6+ years now. He played for his high school team varsity at the number one spot during his time playing numerous regionals and district level tournaments, and eventually move on to play for Bellevue College. Coach Alex competed in numerous USTA junior tournaments. 


Natalie F.

Natalie, started playing tennis at the age of 10, she is very serious and responsible in coaching, pays attention to details, and is good at mock competitions with middle and senior students to quickly improve students’ ability to perform on the spot and to react.