The purpose of this training camp is to give young gymnasts a greater understanding of the world around them through international training and cultural exchange. This program provides a safe, positive and challenging experience for young gymnasts. The exposure to international coaches and their approach to gymnastics give young gymnasts a one-of-a-kind advantage while improving their skills and confidence. It is a wonderful opportunity for gymnasts to make friends with Chinese gymnasts who share similar interests and create long-lasting friendships.


Gymnastics Training and Exchange

The US Gymnasts on this trip have the opportunity to train with Chinese gymnasts and participate in clinics with China’s top coaches, live in Chinese Gymnast dormitory, make new friends with local professional gymnasts and experience a rare opportunity to visit China’s National Gymnastics Training Center.


Cultural Exploration and Local Students Exchange

A group of Chinese youth from local schools will join US group and traveling throughout China, all of the kids will participate in a variety of activities together. Some activities will highlight Chinese culture and others American culture. All will allow participants from both countries to create a common bond and immediately, have something in common to talk about.


When: August 16th - August 29th

Who: Youth 8-18 Years old | Parents are Welcome!

Where: China (Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an)