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Annie An

Founder & President

Annie is the founder and president of ANC ESCO. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma, majoring in journalism and public relations. She has over 25 years of experience in journalism and public media, she is also a successful entrepreneur.

Annie studied in both Singapore and the United States as an international student. During the time she studied abroad, she personally felt the challenges encountered in the learning process and grew to know more clearly what assistance an international student would need. In 2008, Annie founded the nonprofit organization named ANC and began to build a platform for young people. From 2008 to 2012, the exchange activities she organized were extremely successful and attracted the attention of the US Embassy. The US Embassy also participated in the exchange activities to affirm the activities. 

After 2012, Annie expanded the ANC platform to provide more programs such as Studying Abroad, College planning, Academic Tutoring, volunteer alliances, and so on. More and more youth around the world can communicate without borders on this platform, and obtain maximum support. For 12 years, Annie has helped thousands of young people have achieved their dream of a prestigious school.


Karen Zediker,Ph.D

Senior College Planning Consultant

Dr. Zediker has a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Washington.  She has been an award-winning professor and training consultant, active in teaching and training for over 30 years.  She brings expertise in Conflict Management, Interpersonal Communication, Instructional Design, and helping individuals and organizations enhance their effectiveness in the workplace.

Jian Liu

Student Athlete Program Director & Consultant

Jian graduated from Beijing Sports University, majoring in tennis and physical education. His highest honor is National Team Coach in the United States. He has more than 30 years of coaching experience in gymnastics and tennis. During his coaching career, he trained many Olympic champions and world champions.

Jian started gymnastics at the age of 6 and was selected for the Chinese national team, then he officially became a formal gymnast in 1989. The highest honor in his gymnastics career is the Chinese national champion.  After retiring from a formal gymnast, he coached the Chinese professional team for several years and then coached the Singapore national team for many years. In 2003, He started to coach the US national team in the US. During his coaching career, he trained many Olympic champions and world champions.

Jian is an outstanding coach and an expert in the sports field. He excels at discovering students' talents and giving personalized training. Under his knowledge and coaching, many students have made rapid progress and achieved international-level accomplishments. In the past few years, he has helped many sport-specialty students to obtain admission to prestigious American universities, such as Stanford University and Berkeley University, and other top universities.


Jessica Haury

College Planning Consultant 

Jessica has a master’s degree in Education and has over 18 years of experience as a certified K-12 teacher.  Jessica has earned the honor of “Distinguished Teacher” from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Washington state based on her record of excellence.  She has educational endorsements (areas of qualification/expertise) ranging from Elementary Education through High School Language Arts and extensive expertise with Gifted Education programs. 


Jessica serves as the Director of Tutoring for ANC and has demonstrated ability in developing students’ writing and reading skills.  Jessica works with students to develop compelling on college entrance and major application essays and editing of college-level writing.  She works with students to develop a working understanding of standardized testing and trains students to master both techniques and content for the SAT and SSAT exams. ​


Debbie G. Lindell, M.S.

Collage Planning Consultant

Debbie has a master’s degree in education from Long Island University and a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany with a double major in sociology and counseling. She is a New York State certified school counselor with over 16 years of experience working at schools in New York and Florida. 


Debbie has also been a case manager and tutor for children and has over twenty years of experience educating and counseling teens. While she was employed with the Valley Stream Central High School District, Debbie started a public speaking class during their compensatory after school program. She now teaches public speaking classes provides individual tutoring as well.


For the last eight years, Debbie and her family have been hosts for many high school exchange students from China and Vietnam. In addition, Debbie serves as the Events Chairperson on the executive board of Hofstra University’s Parent Council. She is an experienced counselor with a passion for guiding teens every step of the way in their education and sharing in their success.


Diane Jimenez

ESL Instructor

Diane is an American expatriate with a master’s degree in Education (ESL) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Diane has taught ESL to children and adults for many years in Venezuela. In the past 30 years, Diane has taught over 400 students, including elementary, middle school, high school, and adults. Many of her students effortlessly passing the TOEFL, increased their English levels, permitting them to further their careers at home and abroad. Diane is fluent in many languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German.


By applying linguistic principles from studying multiple languages, Diane created an effective program and methodology. Living in a Latin American country for a long period of time, Diane knows what it is to be an immigrant and to go through the processes of adapting to a new culture and language. Diane achieved bilingual in Spanish and holds a degree in its language and literature. Diane is a prestigious teacher, with her teaching experiences and master’s degree in Education, Diane is sensitive to the individual student’s needs and adept at identifying the source of language learning difficulties and strategies to solve them. 


Sharon McNeil

Art Consulatant

Ms. McNeil earned a B.A degree with a double major in Art and Theatre at Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon.  After graduation she worked as a scenic artist in Seattle for theatrical organizations including Seattle Repertory Theatre, The Seattle Opera, A Contemporary Theatre. 


After 10 years she moved to California where she earned her MFA in Drawing and Painting at California State University Long Beach and taught classes in drawing, figure drawing, and painting in the Southern California area.  She participated in various group and solo exhibitions featuring her artwork, throughout the Southern California area.  In 2007 She move to Georgia where she taught drawing and design at Savannah College of Art and design (SCAD).  While in Savannah, her work was in a two person show at the Okefenokee Heritage Center in Waycross Georgia.  In 2010 she won a Presidential Fellowship for professional development which allowed her to return to the island of Nisyros in Greece where she had spent 3 months as a college student while at Lewis and Clark.  She spent a month on the island, painting, sketching, and creating a body of work that resulted in an exhibition at the Hellenic Cultural Center and Museum in Portland Oregon.  In 2018 she returned to Seattle to live, where she has started an online print on demand shop and teaches online.

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Amy Struble

SAT/ACT prep consultant

Amy Struble earned her master's in education from Purdue University and a double bachelor's degree from Lourdes University in English and Music. After obtaining her bachelor's, Amy worked with numerous students teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), the IELTS exam preparation, and TOEFL. Upon receiving her Master's Degree, she has been an ACT/SAT Test Prep Instructor, AP English Instructor, an Essay Tutor, and Reading Specialist for both National and International college students.  Amy has been working with students for over 15 years, is highly passionate about education, and believes all students can learn.        

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Ryan Goggans

ACT Prep Consultant

Ryan specializes in higher maths, ACT, SAT test preparation and has a high success rate of raising students’ scores; her philosophy is that in any tutor-student interaction, development of a comfortable, trusting relationship with the students is extremely important. She believes that the entirety of the student should be addressed. Therefore, adjustments to work, study habits, self-esteem and attitudes about learning are interwoven throughout each tutoring session.  It has been Ryan's experience that students are very tuned into what their strengths, weaknesses, and needs are; they are therefore treated as partners throughout the tutoring process.  Ryan looks forward to working with students towards a successful school career and a bright future!


Margaret Rogan

College Planning Consulatant

Margaret earned her Master in Education in Technology and Learning, Special Educations at Michigan State University. Working with students for 25 years, Margaret is mainly focused on being an educational consultant and advocate, and she is also specializing in Individualized Education Program (IEP) development, family consultation, special education, and conflict resolution. Margaret has helped many parents to fulfill students’ needs, and she has assisted hundreds of K-12 students to maintain a successful school life and to be accepted to their dream colleges.


David Ding

Biology, Chemistry, Math Instructor

David Ding graduated from Vanderbilt University with a master’s degree in education and a double bachelor’s degree in art and economics. David holds a teacher qualification certificate in middle school mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry. He also qualifies in the field of higher education. After graduating from his master’s degree, David taught at Millwood High School in Oklahoma in subjects such as chemistry, environmental science, English, and more. David is a young and energetic teacher who has proficiency in both arts and sciences. Over six years, he has provided hundreds of students with high-quality tutoring.


Corinne A Minor 

Voice Teacher

Corinne has been discovering her love for teaching for the last 5 years. She started within her undergrad school and graduated from Western Carolina University in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance (Classical) and a minor in Psychology.

Corinne has trained with multiple professionals through the Crittenden Opera Workshop in Boston and The Torggler Institute in Newport News, VA, and more. She finished her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance (Classical) and Advance Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy,at New York University.

Corinne has been teaching Voice in a variety of Genres for years now and loves engaging with students and helping them find their own voice! Corinne incorporates classical techniques to help in any genre from musical theater, to rock, to pop. She loves to compromise with her students and help them strategically find the right songs for their voice and development.