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Jian Liu

ANC Tennis Coaching Director Jian Liu has served as the coach of the US national team and the Singapore national team, holding more than 30 years of professional coaching experience in the field of physical education. His students include Olympic champions and world champions. Liu'a outstanding award including:

  • United States National Team Gymnastics Coach

  • Head Coach of ANC Tennis Academy

  • ANC Tennis Academy Director

  • Singapore National Team Gymnastics Coach

  • USAG American Gymnastics Association Coach

  • USPTA United States Tennis Association Coach

  • US Center for Safesports Trained

  • American Physical Fitness Association certification

  • Gymnastics International Referee

  • U.S. CPR certified

  • World Taekwondo Association awarded black belt rank

  • Certified Coach of World Taekwondo Association

From a professional athlete to a coach of the national team, Coach Liu's understanding and perception of sports have reached a stage of proficiency in the past 40 years. More than ten years of career as an athlete gave him great experience in the development of athletics, and experience has accumulated as a coach of different national teams for more than 20 years, giving him a unique coach concept on how to tap the potential of athletes and exert core competitiveness.


Coach Liu has many outstanding students. As they have been admitted to prestigious American universities and Ivy League universities, he deeply feels that sports and academics are indeed dependent on each other. Students with excellent sports performances tend to have good academic performances. In 2018, Coach Liu Jian formally established ANC Tennis Academy, creating a unique training method that combines comprehensive gymnastics and professional tennis training. Under his training, students made rapid progress. Some students were selected for the high school team after only 2 months of training, and some students won the championship after half a year of training. Today, ANC Tennis Academy has 300 students and growing. It can be said that tennis is another shining halo of Coach Liu after he reached the top of gymnastics.

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