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Annie An

Annie An, Founder of ANC ESCO, is an Award-winning expert on thought leadership strategies, social impact, and media coverage for Fortune 500 and emerging brands for over 20 years.  She brings expertise in global media relations strategy, industry analyst relations, and public relations program management in the use of earned media relations efforts and social strategies and helping individuals and organizations enhance their effectiveness in the workplace.


In the year of 2008, Annie founded the nonprofit organization named ANC ESCO and began to build a platform that supported young people. During the time from 2008 to 2012, she organized highly successful student study exchange programs that gained the interest of the US Embassy. From 2013 to today, Annie has expanded the ANC platform to provide more variety of programs, such as studying abroad, college planning, academic tutoring, volunteer alliances, Students Athlete Programs, and Sports program. She has supported and continues to support youth around the world, providing them with a platform that supports them to communicate and explore without borders.

Annie was born in Beijing, China, excelling and developing a reputation for being a bright and curious girl. During her school years, Annie was chosen for many opportunities including by a famous media agency known as "Beijing Youth Daily". She had been chosen to become a work-study reporter, publishing many articles that were showcased in newspapers and magazines. Simultaneously, Annie served as the host of a well-known Beijing Radio Station program known as "QingQing Campus". She carried the role of program director and voiceover position in BTV and CCTV. Her media representation greatly impacted her life, but everyone needs a hobby to compensate for their hard-working mindset. For Annie, this was creating a band consisting of four high school students including her called the"Birds of Paradise." She created original songs reflecting on the life of teenagers, hoping to influence and impact with the sound of her music. The Birds of Paradise soared, and their music was recognized and showcased on many major TV and radio stations. Her devotion to impact didn't just stop there. In 1996, Annie was invited by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to participate in a two-week visit to the west of China's Fujian Province to ensure that poverty situations in various areas including visits to Xiamen, LongYan, Liangcheng, and other locations in Fujian were reported truthfully to the many supporting media, such as CCTC, and Beijing TV.

Wanting to further expand her horizons, Annie decided to study overseas in the year 2000. She built on her educational prowess by studying in Singapore, majoring in mass media.  Once she had completed her academic journey in Singapore, Annie came to California, USA, in 2003 and occupied herself as the host and director of the Los Angeles Chinese Radio Station. Annie continued her studies in California and earned her second degree in journalism and public relations from the University of Oklahoma. To this day, Annie holds over 25 years of experience in her fields of journalism and media and has become a successful entrepreneur. 

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