College Planning


The ANC Academy of College Planning provides each student a personal Academic Planning Consultant who works directly with the student and his/her family to assist them with college planning, providing service and internship experiences, the admissions process, and researching and securing scholarships and other forms of financial aid.  ANC ACP students have required, recommended, and individualized programs at their disposal.


  • We offer individualized tutoring for academic subjects, TOEFL and College Placement exams, and Visa or School Interviews.

  • All ANC-ACP students (and their families) have access to regularly scheduled Master Classes and to small group Workshops which provide an overview or in-depth coverage of essential issues in the academic planning and college application process.

  • We offer documented volunteer experiences and assist students to find relevant internship experiences.We ensure that each student will have letters of recommendation to support their college and scholarship applications.

  • We help students create a personalized ePortfolio to record, organize, and effectively communicate their comprehensive college preparation to college admission offices and scholarship providers.

  • We help determine each student’s strengths and needs and develop an individual student success plan tailored to maximize strengths and meet their needs.