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Beginner level 1-4 classes involve refining our students and enhancing their potential, we sculpt them into tennis prodigies. Through intensive drills that improve footwork, strength, and iq-based tests, we improve every factor that a tennis player should have. Players will develop their serves and net plays, experience real match plays, and begin to contemplate tactical and strategic plays. This course content includes an introduction to forehand and backhand groundstrokes, volley skills and basics, serving and receiving in the correct section of the court, and professional fitness drills and exercises that refine strength, efficiency, and endurance.


Intermediate level 5-7 classes further the expansion of tennis techniques, and advanced plays. Students refine their consistency while training to be genius on the court by developing advanced tactical and strategic approaches to match play.

Fit for students above the intermediate level. This course requires players to develop comprehensive experiences in tennis and a refined understanding of the game. Players will focus on preparing to participate in a high school tennis team, including games and tournaments and USTA points tournaments. Our elite youth group plan is based on the widely accepted standards set by the USTA. Participants are to be committed to competitive play throughout the year including regular participation in tournaments. 

Either aiming to compete in UTR/USTA, make the varsity roster, competing in college, or just trying to develop a basic skill set, ANC's UTR Tennis Program offers premium training to refine youth players into tennis prodigies.  This Program involves small-group training incorporated with special drills to develop skills with practice. This program is available for the majority of the year including all four seasons and holiday breaks. 

Competition:UTR Singles and doubles tournaments available during select camp programs; opportunities to develop and improve physical, mental, and strategic techniques.

Strategy:Identify the opponent’s strengths, weaknesses, and style of play. Develop a match strategy and closing combination.

Physical:Efficient and effective court movement techniques, how to increase balance, generate more power, and gain speed and explosives.

Recover:Gain a deeper understanding of optimal recovery practices for your mind and body through proven tools and techniques.

Technique:Fundamentals on groundstrokes, transition/net play, serve/return, and footwork.

Mental Performance:Perseverance, motivation, focus, emotional regulation, and goal setting.

All Skills Program: The All Skills Program is geared towards players ages 10-14 of all skill levels. This program is geared towards beginner players who love this sport. This program includes tennis drills, match-play sessions, and some strength & injury prevention training, conditioning for footwork, speed, agility, and endurance.

10 & Under Tennis Program: The 10&Under Tennis Program is geared towards players ages 6-10 who are just learning the sport. '10 & Under Tennis' follows the logic of other youth sports: balls bounce lower, move slower through the air, and are easier to hit. Racquets are sized for small hands and courts are smaller and easier to cover. By using this format, the benefits are immediate, and very quickly little kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing!

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