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The ACP Initial Consultation is the first step on your student’s path to a successful college application process.  This consultation will occur in three stages:  Student Preparation; Family Consultation; and Report and Recommendations. 


Stage 1: Student Preparation

To prepare for the individualized consultation we ask you to provide us with all the information about your student that is likely to be considered in their college application process – including our Initial Intake form, academic transcripts (local and international), test scores, resume, interests, activities, experiences, etc.  We also ask for a writing sample (a copy of a formal paper the student has written recently for a class assignment).  Your student will also take two Interest Profiles in our system.  Prior to your consultation, our research team spends hours in collaboration with your Consultant as the review your student’s profile and create customized strategies to optimize college admission success.


Stage 2: Family Consultation

In Stage 2 of the Initial Consultation process, your family will meet with an ACP Consultant who will explain the extent to which your student is prepared for the college application process.  Within the 90 minute consultation, you will receive advice on course selection, extra-curricular activities, volunteer service, standardized testing goals, and depending on your high school class even preliminary advice on best-fit colleges for your student.

Stage 3:  Consultant’s Report and Recommendation

Following the in-person Family Consultation, your ACP consultant will present a full report of his or her advice, including a recommendation for ongoing ACP Services that will best support your student in reaching his or her personal, academic, and admission goals.  Families who choose to enroll in the ACP Program (beginning as early as 8th grade through the senior year in high school) will receive a discount in the full amount of the Initial Consultation from their contract.

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